Our Mission

To provide place-based learning experiences that immerse students in the exploration of Minnesota’s past, present, and future and teach the value of academic rigor, diversity and inclusivity, community responsiveness, and environmental stewardship.

Our vision

For students to use their natural ability to be reflective questioners, articulate communicators, critical thinkers, and skilled problem solvers, so they can be leaders of their own learning and successfully navigate the world.

What do all those Academic Buzz-Words mean?

Academic rigor - Learners push themselves beyond what is easy in order to improve individual skills.

Diversity and Inclusivity - All learners are welcome and valued. Learners will acknowledge, include, and respond to a wide variety of cultural perspectives.

Cultural Responsiveness - A variety of cultural perspectives and voices are thoughtfully included in the curriculum.

Community Responsiveness - Learners take ownership of where we live and strive to contribute in positive ways.

Environmental Stewardship - Learners know how we impact the world around us and how to take care of our environment.

Reflective Questioner - Learners ask purposeful questions and seek out the answers.

Articulate Communicator - Learners communicate their thoughts and needs with respectful language, and actively listen to the thoughts and needs of others.